About the campaign

The “7 Wonders of Transylvania” is the joint initiative of goTransylvania and Lynx Solutions, during which the month of May has been dedicated to choosing 7 transylvanian sites (locations, traditions, monuments, buildings) out of the 34 proposed ones. The main focus isn’t really on the 7 with the most votes, but on the entire selection of proposed ideas: their promotion and Our goal isn’t creating or intensifying a competition, rather presenting values without any interest and drawing attention to the very real wonders of Transylvania. This is the reason why we strive to provide a quality space and environment for both visitors and residents of these areas, where they are able to get a credible picture of the beauties mentioned in many tales, but which at the same time are not given any space in the national image.

Obviously, Transylvania doesn’t simply have 7 nor only 34 wonders. Our list, based on recommendations from experts, professional organizations and of course our voters, is primarly thought-provoking and constantly expanding for which we are asking for your help as well.

The main purpose of goTransylvania is bringing these wonders into the spotlight, illuminating them for as many people as possible, providing guidance, helping in navigation, and offering a great opportunity for enjoying a stay in this region(be it entertainment, where to have a nice walk, what to eat, what to visit, etc.).

In addition to the aforementioned interface, we would like to create a direct communication channel between professional organizations, local governments, professionals and civilians. This would mean having a space of communication accessible to anyone who intends on designing and creating a clearer Transylvanian image. We are open to good, constructive ideas and opinions. This is why we are asking all of you the following: don’t hesitate reaching out to us through the contact details on our site, if you have any ideas, opinion or plans.

Read, suggest, share your favorites! Let’s start building a common image for Transylvania and make it beautifully visible!


Thank you for your trust and attention!