Élő Erdély Egyesület

Transylvania Development Community


The Élő Erdély Egyesület (Living Transylvania Association) was founded by a group of dynamic and energetic young people living in Miercurea-Ciuc and having one characteristic in common: their love and concern for Transylvania. The foundation of the association had been preceded by several cycling tours, which have been taking place since 2005. The aim of these cycling tours has been to get to know our living space and our inherited surroundings better.

The cycling tours have confirmed us in our belief that Transylvania is very colourful from cultural, touristic and gastronomical point of view. The aim of our association is to present this colourful and living Transylvania to other people as well, from native Romanians to foreigners, in order to make the life of Transylvania even more alive and dynamic.

Our main aim is to expand the touristic, gastronomical and cultural life of Transylvania because we strongly believe that this expansion can lead to the recovery of the Transylvanian economy.


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