The Galbena Tour from Padiș

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The Galbina tour is the most impressive and spectacular location not only in the Padiș area, but in the Western Carpathians. It is not easy to approach the place: the first option is a long hike starting at the Glavoi camp or a difficult and “shaky” trip with a four-wheel car from the other direction.

Starting at the “entrance” the circuit can be completed in a 3-hour exciting tour, where the tourists will have to hike through canyons, narrow paths and limestone cliffs. The hike is the most breathtaking at the last stage: after crossing waters, seeing waterfalls and canyoning, the tourists reach the highest point of the cliff from where they can admire the magical landscape.

The main attractions of this tour are the century old beech trees and the high cliffs; besides these the adventure can lead the visitors to buzzing caves and cold fresh water springs. The area is spectacular all year long, but the most special period is spring, when the trees are blooming, and when ramsons and flowers cover the forests. In autumn the trees change their green “clothes” with colored leaves.

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