Rodna Mt. – Blooming of the Rhododendron

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The two highest points are Pietrosul Rodnei and Ineu peaks, measuring 2,303 and 2,279 meters respectively. The rhododendron can be found at altitudes of 1600-1800 m, but even the highest peaks get bloomy from the “beauty of the mountain”.

After the snow melts, the spring flowers bloom, paving the road for this beautiful “lady”. The blooming period depends on the altitude and the weather, but the amount of fallen snow, during winter, can also influence it. At 1600-1800 m the flower can already be seen in mid-May, early-June. The 2200 m areas welcome the blooming in the second half of June, first half of July.

Of course, as said before, these can vary slightly from year to year. Even the blooming is ever-changing: sometimes the entire side of the mountain gets dressed in a uniform pink gown, other times just larger spots of flowers “rise and shine”.

The experience and the sight cannot be described in words. The photos cannot give the same sight and feeling. Everyone has to put this on their bucket list: a hike during the bloom can warm the soul and enchant the eye.

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