Zöld Székelyföld Egyesület

Ecological non-governmental organization

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The idea of an association was born in the head of a couple of University students in 2005 November. We considered that it would be better to change our everyday idleness to some kind of activity and do something for the protection of our closer or larger environment. Very soon the “Green Seklers Association” was founded.

That was the moment when the little ant, symbolizing our association started its way to conquer the world, spreading the word that solutions should not be expected always from the others, that people should not be mere passive observers of things happening around them. The small activities from the beginning gradually gave place to more complex and colorful programs. In the meantime we tried to achieve development on certain fields of activity and focused our programs to certain problems: these were related to garbage and conscious consumption.

People of our kind, “spinach eaters”, are judged in many ways, very frequently seen as mean people, opposing to everything new, who enjoy blocking a plan or an investment. Although, we can certainly speak of an other category of environmentalists as well. They believe that before we definitely destroy our environment we should stop for a moment and consider the long term consequences. We prefer to be included into this group of people. Usually, the actions of everyday people are driven by money and the need for a better life and there is a very slight influence made by their sensibility to the protection of the environment. This is what we would like to change as an independent, scientific association!

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